Friday, December 18, 2015

Skrill and Neteller Money Transfer to Nepal

 Hi Everyone!
As we know, Neteller and Skrill Amount Can Transfer Between Neteller and Skrill !

Specially ! Neteller and Skrill, both are the common and most popular payment processor in forex market in all over the world. But the innovation of technology, two Leading E-wallet Providers Neteller and Skrill become more easy and work together to give us good service.

Indeed it is very easy and good way to transfer, but there is some advantage and disadvantage for transfer money between them.

  • It is easy and instantly transfer money between Skrill and Npayment processor.
  • You can use one account for trading purpose. 
  • Another for saving and withdrawing money in your country.
  • One can be use as a personal account and another is professional.
  • Neteller and Skrill, both charges 1.9% fee for transfer.
  •  Account holder name and Email should be same for security purpose. 
  • To transfer different currency it will cost foreign exchange fees. (Like if you have neteller USD and Skrill EUR account, then the foreign exchange cost will be effective.).
Finally, I like this system and thank's neteller and skill for this type of service. And it will very easy and helpful for many people who doesn't have Payoneer MasterCard.

The best thing is you can withdraw or transfer money to Nepal with Skrill international transfers and instantly send funds into eSewa accounts.

  1. Send to an email or phone number
  2. Instant money transfer & delivery
  3. Fixed fees


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