Saturday, April 30, 2016

How to monetize your YouTube Videos with Freedom and Adsense?

Welcome to the Freedom!
 Freedom help you grow faster on YouTube with YouTube channel partnership to monetize all your videos quickly.
earn money with partnered "Freedom - Adsense - YouTube"
If you are interested in becoming a partner of Freedom! Please read about some, but not all, of the core benefits below:
  • Direct relationship with YouTube: We are not a sub-network under some other network, we signed the Google contract directly.
  • No lock-in contract: You can cancel your partnership at any time, and join us again at anytime. (just give us 30 days notice).
  • Revenue Share: You start at 60% of YouTube's 100% and can grow (i.e. it is not 60% of 80% or some other silliness). 
  • No minimum payout: We will not hold your revenue if you do not meet a certain amount. If you earn $1, we pay you $1.
  • Full Ownership: You own your channel and content, and we are your technology partner. We take no control over your channel.
  • Record Labels: Many record labels signed with us, and we negotiated access to professional music for you!
  • Grow with us: We want you to grow with us
  • No withholding tax: You earn 100% of everything you make. There are no tax forms to fill out from Freedom!, and no withholding tax. Simple.
  • Content ID: We can find all copies of your original content anywhere on YouTube and monetize or takedown the matches (if you are a musician, this means we can monetize all copies of your music anywhere on YouTube!)*
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