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 A Step-By-Step Guide To Make Money online.
Welcome to the bucksworks guide to set up a profitable website or blog.This blog is a starting point to help you with three core objectives.
  1. Start A Blog - Create
  2. Optimization - Promote
  3. Monetization - Earn
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OK, ready to be a blogger? Great, let’s start ….....
YOU are not alone bucksworks team will coach you in every steps!
What You Are Going To Learn
As a summary, you are about to go through this process –
  • Build a website that is full of relevant content that helps people to meet that need.
  • Find out where there is a need in the market and learn how people currently search online for answers to that need.
  • Drive traffic to your website and convince a portion of those visitors to join your program.
  • Start making money from the audience you build using advertising, affiliate marketing and selling your own products.
  • Optimize the entire process so you don’t have to work long hours to keep it going.
In order to achieve these goals I will teach you five modules, which must be completed in the set order for best results. They are
  1. Topic Selection and Setting Up Your Website
  2. Content Creation
  3. Traffic Generation
  4. Monetization (making money from your website)
  5. Optimization and Automation
While it only takes a few moments to read the above lists, the actual process to successfully complete each step can take weeks, months, and even years.

The teaching methodology I use in this guide is based on my experiences during the previous 12+ years deriving an income from the internet. It draws heavily on tutorials presented in the archives of this blog.

The core focus is how to make money with a blog, in particular one blog that you focus 100% of your energy on until it makes money, or you decide it’s not going to work. I recommend you focus for at least six months, to even a year, before deciding to move on to another project, and only if your current project is not showing any signs of success.

Although we focus on how to profit from a blog, what you are about to learn are internet marketing fundamentals that can be applied to almost all forms of online business. It doesn’t matter if you use a blog or not, these concepts are relevant if you plan to have some kind of website that makes money.

Since blog software is easy to use, is free, is what I use to set up my websites, and thousands of successful online businesses use too, I recommend you do the same. Instructions on how to set up your website using blog software are in the next step.

Throughout this guide I point you to various articles, podcast audios and videos. Each of these resources were created at different times and some of the content may confuse you. Always return to this guide when you get lost because it is the roadmap that threads all the different resources together into a cohesive process.

I promise if you focus on studying the resources and taking the action steps I give you as you move through this guide, you will learn a tremendous amount about how to make money from the Internet. You may even make enough money to never need a job again!

Now let’s begin at the beginning, Take Action - starts Now…

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