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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Now Everyone Can Instantly Buy Bitcoin Using Credit Cards

For The Bitcoin Users In United Arab Emirates
Bitcoin wallet website BitOasis announce adding support for credit card/debit card payments. You can now instantly buy bitcoin using credit cards with a weekly limit of 2000 AED.

The wallet service is available in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. Users in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain can also use the exchange service by sending money to a BitOasis bank account and exchange it for bitcoins for a 1% fee. BitOasis offers users multi-signature wallet security, according to its website.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Paypal Solution in Nepal

Dear Visitors 
If you are surfing or searching net how to open PayPal account in Nepal!-?
Don't waste time ! Because in Nepal, PayPal is useless if you don't know the right way, So you have to see the alternative to verify the PayPal account and  terms and policies of Nepal Government.
About years ago, We have no option to buy or shop online and pay the amount in the internet marketplaces but now-a-days, we let you know that we, Nepalese people, also can shop online as American people all over the world.
PayPal is a world's No. 1 and free online Payment gateway all over the world but unfortunately, we, Nepalese people are unable to use it but my new ideas are constantly implemented or used by 100's of  users and my WTAWTAW (Where There's a Will There's a Way) attitude inspires.

I have invested my time and money researching all these ideas and formula, so if you are reading this blog and want to know quick without any error to use any online payment gateway in Nepal.

Online Payment Gateway in Nepal

NOW PayPal money can withdraw in Nepal, and Received as well as send or Pay online!
Mission to make PayPal services in Nepal as possible as for the payment gateway in Nepal.
Manage payments for your business or Buy the products/services online with ease and security. Receive or Pay online money instantly!

 Our offer for payment Solution in Nepal:
  1. To create new verified PayPal Account for Nepalese.
  2. To withdraw PayPal Balance in Nepal Via Debit MasterCard.
  3. To Pay online or transfer your PayPal Balance to others merchants around the world.
  4.  Everyone can use your MasterCard all  over the world.
If you don't want to create PayPal account BUT want to pay online using our verified PayPal than NO worries!
For more details: Quick contact on Skype!
Please let me know, I'm here for you.

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